Frequently Asked Questions

A monthly maintenace plan is where I will look after your website at a fixed monthly cost. Maintenance includes keeping your website updated as well as any content you would like to add to your website.
Yes, you can. The content management systems (CMS) used for all websites are easy enough for you to use and to add your own content.
It depends from web designer to web designer. Some prefer Wordpress due to it's popularity. Personally, I prefer Drupal becuase of it's flexability and power to develop websites.
It depends on the size of the website and complexity of it. Usually a medium sized website takes on avaerage 4-6 weeks to complete.
The first thing that needs to happen is Katherine needs content. This can be anything from text content, images, videos, colours and menu items. If it's an existing website then Katherine will also need all the login details for the frontend and backend of the website.